Social and Work Programs

To create a path toward successful work placements

As part of this service, we offer those involved in the program a personalized path toward active employment. This could include courses focused on the learning of languages, digital literacy or IT skills, amongst others. Likewise, we offer scholarships for studying in Cataluña and assist in the accreditation of previous qualifications. These integration paths are personalized and accompany group sessions that encourage active participation.

At the same time, a work placement service is carried out between those in the program and businesses that need to incorporate new employees through our own placement agencies.

We are also developing projects to enable self-job-searching for those that have already obtained international protection, in order to endow job seekers with the resources and support necessary to development and encourage a level of autonomy in their job search.

In those cases of groups with special difficulties accessing the job market, also manages emergency provisions set aside for covering their basic needs.

The organisations within the Network that offer these services are:

SICAR cat - Adoratrices

Social and work integration services for victims of human trafficking