Medical, Psychological and Social Support

Medical, Psychological and Social Support for those traumatised by human rights abuses

EXIL Association

The EXIL Association is the Network’s member organisation that is concerned with offering medical, psychological and social therapy to those that have suffered from distinct types of human rights violations including torture, persecution, war, forced exile or gender violence.  EXIL offers psychological, psychiatric and social support following an interdisciplinary and systemic therapeutic approach applied through comprehensive network practices.

The intervention model of the EXIL association is based on the following:



Psychological intervention

With individual sessions, group sessions, therapeutic art sessions, etc.


Psychiatric medical intervention

When necessary and referring cases to the public health service professionals.


Social intervention

Based on the restructuring of everyday life, counselling and social support, and in cases where needed, dialogues with other specialized services.


Community work

With the aim of combatting social isolation and promoting knowledge of the social environment, working with families and branches of other organisations and professionals.


In respect to specialized programmes for those soliciting asylum and refugees, the EXIL association makes available a program of medical, psychological and social repair for victims of violations of human rights and torture, including their families-, as well as its programme of psychological support for human rights defenders at risk.

Finally, the EXIL association also develops, together with the Catalan Refugee Aid Commission, an integration project that offers comprehensive psychological, legal, psychiatric, social, work related, and in some cases, residential attention to victims of torture that lack legal protection and are socially vulnerable, with non verbal therapy sessions (therapeutic art, etc.)

Catalan Association for the Integration of Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender Immigrants (ACATHI)

The ACATHI association offers those immigrants soliciting international protection as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual and those that identify as refugees a service that guarantees adequate attention to the emotional needs and emotional support related to their distinct experiences of discrimination or displacement through a holistic approach identifying aspects of their identity and security in its expression.

This is tackled from individual, couple or group perspectives. With this aim ACATHI works with a network of organisations and institutions that collaborate toward achieving personal autonomy for those affected.


The organisations within the Network that offer these services are: