Advocacy, Awareness-raising and Training

Initiatives to spread awareness of the right to asylum

The organisations within the Network that offer these services are:

Present initiatives:


To create awareness and publically denounce situations of helplessness and/or violations of human rights.

To promote the right to asylum and the rights of those forcibly displaced, as well as the situations of vulnerability that these people suffer.


To contribute to the promotion of knowledge and the informative capacity of the media in relation to the right of asylum.


To investigate and publish reports about the situation of refugees here in Cataluña.


To organise acts, campaigns, conferences, educational programs and seminars.


To influence politically different political and institutional players in Cataluña

in order to improve public policies, as well as to give them support and advice, provided that it serves to improve the capacities of reception of those in need of international protection.

Awareness-raising and education for development: Catalan Committee of UNHCR

The Catalan Committee of the UNHCR aims to give support to the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Catalan territory and carry out awareness-raising and education for development on the right of asylum to elementary students and young people, as well as university students. It also has material and educational resources to offer educational centres, which are at the disposal of public entities and other private organisations.