To strengthen the efforts of those organisations working within the fields of asylum and human rights in Cataluña


To coordinate advocacy and social mobilisation actions of member organisations

As well as other entities that have similar objectives, in order to better educate the population and mass media as to the causes of forced displacement.


To integrate advocacy actions of the Network with other organisations working in the sector

to have an active presence in the decision making spaces of local and regional governments within the Catalan territory.


Full Members

Each with one vote and one voice, full members will make up a group of those organisations and institutions that work toward the defence of the right to asylum in Cataluña, that have been accepted as active members of the Network following formal ratification by’s governing bodies. The Management Protocol of defines the procedure by which organisations and institutions can join and leave.



Observer Members

Organisations linked by a shared interest in the defence of the right of asylum in Catalonia and the rights of those who have suffered from forced displacement due to serious human rights violations, and/or that are involved in advocacy for the aforementioned group, that don’t belong to the Network but have a committed interest to join it in an observer capacity.